Switching to Pelican


I decided few days ago to revive my ooold Wordpress site that's still opened in a brand new site, and import in it my old - and sometimes outdated - articles.

Several good solutions are possible, my requirements are :

  • I need a static site generator such I could host it anywhere for cheap, while keeping its source content in a SCM - Github as it happens - with an easy deplonyment tool.
  • I need to write my site in reStructuredText since I prefer its approach over Markdown or others. This limits my choice of static site generators to the ones coded in the Python language.
  • I need something that's blog oriented. I'm familiar with Sphinx but it is too much "software documentation" oriented.
  • I need something that's actively maintained by a nice community.
  • I need something simple, and Nikola is a good candidate but is somehow overkill for what I need, and as a consequence, its basic setup is somehow too complicated to my poor lazy and tired brain. But perhaps I'll change my opinion one day if I need some feature Nikola provides.
  • I need something that provides a tool that imports content from other blogs. Pelican does a very good job, and I just needed to change links to moved media files.
  • I need something which theme can be easily customized. Though I keep at the moment one of the builtin themes, I'll change it in a near future to a more personal choice.

So ! Welcome to my new Pelican powered site.

Comments !