Safely replace a Plone member


This component replies to a well known use cases and request from our customers, especially from intranet managers.

How do we do on our Plone intranet when Mr Foo dismisses our company and Ms Bar is entitled to do his job?

Ms Bruni just married and she's now Mrs Sarkozy. Her login is now c.sarkozy and she lost the permissions she had on some contents she used to work on. How shall I handle this? Should I browse in the site finding all her stuffs and change the sharings, property (...) accordingly?

Some weeks ago, this was in a bunch of code I included in private site products. Some days ago, I released it as a public component.

Just install iw.memberreplace, open its control panel, select the desired options and let it do all the job - that otherwise would require hours of digging - for you.

Enjoy, and as always, feedback and contributions are welcome.

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