Plone needs a webmaster role

Yes, we have the best open-source professional CMS of the galaxy - and beyond - out here. With the age and of course the help of the framework developers and lots of others, Plone gained lots of functionnalities. A huge set of options to tweak a Plone site such it is your Plone site are now available through the Plone content panel.

As Plone professional, I have to train site managers for customers. And most of the new site managers I have to train are not IT professional. Most are marketing or communication executives. And when most of them have good functional skills and know what they want to do with their Plone site and how to provide information and services to visitors, it is somehow dificult to teach them about HTML/CSS filtering, Javascript adds, SMTP connection, Plone extension (un, re)installation, ZMI access and other potentially harmful control panels.

As a consequence, I sometimes need to hide potentially harmful control panels to such non technical managers on these sites.

I'm sure lots of you, dear Plone service providers who read these lines, are often facing such situations. That's why I think that there's a place for a new OTB role in Plone. I'll call it "webmaster" at the moment.

Such user could do most things a Manager is enabled to do through the Plone except accessing those harmful control panels.

To make short, a webmaster would have all Manager permissions granted except "View management screens". Of course, from there it's fairly easy to hide the links to ZMI, Extensions management and others from the control panels, but it does not solve lots of other things that requires some tweaks in the control panels.

Any though ?

Comments !